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Healing Autism - A suppressed reality

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Helena Schlachter and her husband are parents of three children, two of which developed autism after having been vaccinated. Her first son was diagnosed with extreme autism and went into complete regression after receiving the MMR vaccine. Born healthy, he was no longer able to communicate or take part in everyday life. Her second son, also vaccinated, developed similar symptoms after receiving multiple vaccinations. Not happy with the dogma of it being a genetic disease, Helena Schlachter started to study every possible treatment for her sons to help them return to the world. After months of reading up on scientific research and speaking to specialists the world over, she decided to follow Andreas Kalcker’s and Kerri Rivera’s Protocols. When results started showing and her sons slowly started returning to being the healthy boys they were born as, a witch-hunt started from all sides. The Schlachters were being investigated and police came to their house, and for 4 months the entire family literally went through hell. Their names plastered across national press, accused of endangering the lives of their two sons for having chosen to treat their autism using chlorine dioxide. However, the issue went to court and the family now has official proof that the treatment in fact did have a healing effect on both their sons. All charges against them were dropped. They are now legally allowed to keep following the protocol to continue to improve the autism of their two sons. In this interview, Helena Schlachter shares her story with us. Background: Dr. Andreas Kalcker and Kerri Rivera have created a protocol that include the use of chlorine dioxide as a way to combat the effects of autism, thought to be triggered by vaccines. All across the world more and more success-stories are surfacing, where parents claim to have completely healed their children from autism following Kalcker’s and Rivera’s guidelines. The ATEC ( short for “Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist” - is a useful tool for monitoring the progress and level of autism in children) results of those children treated with chlorine dioxide, in combination with a special diet as outlined by said protocol, showed an incredible improvement and many even came out completely healed from autism - something thought to be impossible by conventional medical standards.